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We are a longstanding and successful hairdressing salon located in North Melbourne. Our unique team of stylists provide a professional, on trend and personalised services across a variety of loyal and new clientele. We share a passion for hair, style, and fashion that leave our clients feeling wonderful and looking their best.

As a hairdresser you’ll be offered the opportunity to:

Work with a talented team of like minded young individuals who believe in enjoying their work and making people feel fantastic
Earn a competitive remuneration packages and excellent incentives/commissions weekly basis
Keep up to date with the latest skills and techniques by having on-going training sessions provided by us with our leading training partners
Grow and develop your career with the Salon, where your career development opportunities are endles



About the Role
This is a great opportunity for a Qualified Senior Hairdresser to support our team and provide exceptional service to our amazing clients. Ideally, you will be located close to the salon and will be working from Thursday to Saturday.

Skills & Experience

  • Demonstrated minimum 4+ years of experience as a hairdresser.
  • Exceptional cutting skills across men and women's styling.
  • An eye for outstanding colour work.
  • Creative and technically sound hair skills.
  • Ability to work in a fast paced work environment.
  • Exceptional time management and presentation skills.
  • Must be fully committed to the role, the hours on offer and to travel easily to the North Melbourne.

Benefits & Perks
  • Fantastic Earning Potential - Competitive remuneration + Revenue base weekly bonus.
  • Accelerate Your Career - Strong focus on professional development & progression
  • Great Working Environment - Join a team of fun, like-minded individuals who are passionate about hairdressing

To apply - forward your CV to Email:   "capturehair@gmail.com"

这是一个非常好的机会让你成为我們的经验又专业的发型师。 在理发店或者相关场所,星期一之星期四,为顾客提供专业化 的美发服务。我們能夠服你非常高的每小时工资。

发型师岗位职责 / 工作内容 / 任职要求

  • 以良好的仪态、精神,为顾客提供专业化的美发服务;
  • 以专业的美发知识为顾客度提供美发咨询情报和美发方案;
  • 以诚恳的心态,与顾客理性沟通,掌握顾客内在需求;
  • 以服务的理念,注重自我修养,并提升个人的美发技术;
  • 负责美发工具、产品的补充、清洁、消毒等工作,为顾客提 供整洁、舒适的服务环境;
  • 认真填写顾客档案,进行经常性整理分析,随时掌握重点顾 客的美发状况,便于采取更专业更具实效的服务对策;
  • 学会并养成赞美顾客的好习惯,成为顾客信赖的美发专家;
  • 掌握向顾客的面对面销售产品的技巧,提升营业业绩;
  • 按牌轮号,不得擅自挑选客人;
  • 对美发助理的工作进行指导、考核;
  • 45周岁以下,4年以上工作经验。积极的工作态度,对待工作认真负责。
  • 一定要能夠很容易通勤到墨尔本工作。

如果有興趣升請 - 將你的 Resume / CV 發送到 电子邮件地址:   "capturehair@gmail.com"

这是一个非常好的机会让你成为发型师的助理。 在理发店或者相关场所,给理发师以及顾客 提供基础支持的助理性工作,并通过工作学习 更多的造型、理发知识。

发型师助理学徒岗位职责 / 工作内容 / 任职要求

  • 帮助发型师准备理发工具,并能支持理发师的工作;
  • 为顾客解答关于发型的相关问题;
  • 帮助顾客洗头、吹头等的基础性工作;
  • 跟理发师学习理发技术;
  • 完成店长交代的各项任务;
  • 渴望学习理发造型知识,并能吃苦,有积极性;
  • 品行端正,性格活泼。

如果有興趣升請 - 將你的 Resume / CV 發送到 电子邮件地址:   "capturehair@gmail.com"